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Why Online Tutoring May Be the Best Solution for Gaps in Learning

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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We can all agree that these last few years have been tough in the education sector. Tough on parents and guardians, tough on teachers, and definitely tough on students. For many, virtual learning had much to do with it. Common frustrations ranged from students not wanting to log in, to parents and guardians overseeing their child while simultaneously working a full-time job. As a result, many assume online learning will create these same issues once again, making many families shy away from online tutoring.

Online tutoring does not equal virtual learning

Families that struggled with virtual learning are often the ones that think online tutoring is not a good fit for them, or their child. However, it is worth noting that online tutoring is a very different experience compared to virtual learning. For one, all sessions are 1:1. Your child is not part of a grid of 30 other students waiting for their turn to connect with the teacher. Instead, your child is the sole focus of the tutor. Students and tutors connect and engage in an interactive learning environment that appeal to students and allow for seamless instruction and learning.

Technology motivates students and online tutoring simply capitalizes on this. Sessions have the advantage of hooking students in with educational games or check-ins that make learning fun and enjoyable. It also allows for the tutor to assess a student’s understanding much more readily. This is not to say that traditional paper-and-pencil tasks are forgotten. Rather, online tutoring permits students to do both! Online tutors are experienced at having students navigate between using interactive technology and traditional means of learning. Sometimes an interactive whiteboard is optimal, while other times students may be required to complete paper-and-pencil tasks with their camera on. The options are endless!

It is true, limiting screen time for kids is a genuine concern for parents and caregivers. However, it would be a disservice to our kids if we didn't acknowledge that not all screen time is created equal. Scrolling on social media cannot be equated to a planned online tutoring session, where meaningful learning is the focus. Moreover, we can't ignore the fact that kids will need proficient digital literacy skills when entering the workforce. Therefore, why not have them practise these skills while working 1:1 with a skilled tutor?

Online tutoring makes learning more accessible

It isn’t a coincidence that technology is often provided to students with exceptionalities. Doing so, ensures that the curriculum is more accessible for all students. Technology allows instruction to be differentiated in ways that meet the needs of all learners much more effectively. Likewise, technology gives students new opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

Being available online also offers the flexibility of shorter, more frequent tutoring sessions. Why is this advantageous? Because the reality is that kids in elementary and high school often struggle with maintaining their attention for longer periods of time. These shorter, more frequent sessions aren't usually feasible when having to meet with a tutor in-person. Having the option of scheduling shorter, more frequent sessions also helps promote a sense of well-being for kids. Kids are not forced to choose between advancing their learning, or engaging in extracurricular activities because rigid schedules don’t align.

Learning can only be successful when kids are comfortable enough to take risks. Online tutoring ensures just this. Kids are able to learn and ask questions from the comfort of their home - a much less intimidating place than any classroom setting. It also permits more efficient pairings between the tutor and student. Constraints such as geographic location is no longer a factor that needs to be considered. Instead, the focus can be on the level of comfort between the student and tutor and on subject expertise. This sets students up for greater success, because students have a better chance of establishing a meaningful connection with their tutor that helps facilitate learning.

So what does an online tutoring session look like?

Online tutoring is an interactive experience that allows the tutor and student to engage in learning via an online platform of choice. Interactive whiteboards, sharing of screens and microphones help make the learning experience seamless! Parents and caregivers no longer need to factor in travel time, or spend time busying themselves while they wait for in-person tutoring sessions to end. Instead, they can tend to what really counts.


Interested in getting information about our online tutoring program and how it may benefit your child? Book your FREE consultation today!

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