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At North Heights we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible experience to our students and helping them achieve their educational goals. Therefore, we have established some common policies to ensure that this can happen.

This Agreement between North Heights Tutoring & Consulting (NH) and undersigned ("the Client") agree that NH will be provide tutoring services to the Client on the following terms:

  1. NH will assign a tutor to the Client based on NH assessment. The assigned tutor will provide customized instructions, homework support and educational assistance to the Client.

  2. The assigned tutor will meet the Client within the agreed upon meeting space (i.e. Google Meets or home location). The tutor will provide this information before the 1st session.

  3. The Client will ensure that a responsible adult is present at all times during each session. Tutors are not responsible for supervising your child's behaviour in the absence of an adult. Tutors are there to provide educational support. It is up to parents to ensure their child is prepared to learn at each session.

  4. If, for any reason, the Client is not happy with the level of service being provided by the tutor, they are to contact the owner of NH. If, for some reason, a resolution cannot be made between NH and the Client regarding their current tutor, it is in the discretion of NH, to assign another tutor to the Client.

  5. There will be no charge for emails/phone calls between the tutor and classroom teacher. However, if tutors are to attend a meeting with your child's classroom teacher, these meetings are billable back to the client at their agreed upon hourly rate.

  6. Tutors are required to provide a reasonable amount of notice in the event that they cannot attend a scheduled tutoring session. The session will be rescheduled at an agreed upon date and time by both the Client and tutor. These make-up sessions must be used within the current month or the month following.

  7. The Client must provide at least 24 hours notice if they wish to reschedule and/or cancel a session. Once again, these make-up sessions must be used within the current month or the next consecutive month. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, the Client will be billed in full for that session. 

  8. If the Client shows up late for a session, they will not get the full length of the session. For example, if the student shows up 20 minutes late for a one hour session, they will only get 40 minutes of instructional time. However, if the student is late by more than 1/2 the scheduled time, the session will be canceled and the Client will be billed the full amount for that session. 

  9. Once assigned a tutor, NH will require the Client to provide a credit card number. 

  10. If the Client chooses to pay for each session separately, the Client will need to pay in full, at least 24 hours in advance of the tutoring session. The Client understands that the same tutor and schedule cannot be guaranteed for each session, and that they will be paying more per session, as discussed with the admin team at NH.

  11. If the Client pays for a month in advance, the Client will need to pay in full, at least 24 hours in advance of the first scheduled session of that month. A consistent tutor and weekly set schedule will be arranged and a lower rate per session will be secured. 

  12. It is the Clients responsibility to inform NH, at least 7 business days before the start of a new month, if they wish to cease all tutoring sessions, or change the number of tutoring sessions per month, otherwise payment will be recurring on the 1st of each month for the agreed upon number of sessions per month. 

  13. There will be no refunds for paid sessions. Missed sessions that provided at least 24 hours notice, are able to be made-up within the current month, or the next consecutive month. 

  14. This agreement will be governed at all times by the laws of the Province of Ontario

  15. ONLINE TUTORING SESSIONS ONLY: The Client also agrees that:

    • the optimal way to receive online tutoring is through a laptop/desktop computer and that the student will not get the same experience if accessing the session through a mobile phone

    • NH uses 3rd party tools, such as Google Meets, Zoom, etc. and cannot guarantee the reliability of these platforms, nor can be held liable for their performance.

    • other factors our outside of NH control, which include, but are not limited to; internet connection, platform stability, device performance, etc.​​

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